The Luckiest Guy with Most Beautiful Bitch

You were my opportunity to touch a face
I knew that if I’d do it once, then I’d be able to hug forever,
nobody ever left me to feel this gift
I was born with penis in the position of the hands
when I try to touch, people think I wanna have a crush.

When my sexy hands are erected, I go to play golf,
I go swimming in virgin seas, doomed to be in nudist scenes
when my sexy hands fail to launch, I go to sleep,
I touch my boobs and fondle my labia until I can sing.

You were trying to jump from the memory bridge,
you were crying harder and harder
nobody was giving a shit, mobile people never been charged
they are just charging the misery of life and don’t look or listen
the existence of a broken soul, on the edge of the cliff, sniff…

I run to you, unable to save you with my corrugated hands
I needed something sexy, something dirty, to be your savior.
And then this wind came from your eyes
when you looked at me with this glance full of mistakes,
it turned me on like a lighthouse, my two penis appear to grow
and the people around started to fear the breeze
and they all cover all of their holes.

“Stop! Please don’t jump mysterious man!
Have you ever been touched from a bald woman
with penis for hands in the need to love and be loved back?”

You felt like a magnet in need of a metallic hero to get stuck on him.
Your melancholy was now printed off the small rock in the shape of a heart
and was calling me for the deepest need of all the human beings
the warmth of a kiss, the warmth of a finger touch, the warmth like a God.

With passion out chests got connected, the voices inside went crazy
I wanted this moment to last for ever
My prayers were heard from the Prince of desire and
two young ladies run to me and started to blowjob my hands
in order for you to remain the longest possible
inside my hug.